The no-rush hour

At WGTS Gateway Fellowship, we know how busy life can get. Make this your no-rush hour during the week–to just pause–and let God speak to you. Find out more about our services on our calendar.


  1. Lynell Welsh says:

    I want to become closer to god, to feel, to breathe, to speak “GOD”

  2. This staition is so uplifting and encouraging. I love to listen each and every day, it’s so uplifting! Thank-You for your’e commitment and dedication

  3. Della James says:

    I love the weekly gateway events. It is nice to meet with other Christians.

  4. Loyal To One says:

    We found Gateway Fellowship to be a very friendly, open place that has an environment that shows the love of God as soon as you walk through the door.

  5. Jessica says:

    I want to learn how to draw closer to God. I want to learn how to set aside a time and place where I can read my bible and talk with God.I also want to learn how to have a greater sense of self control.

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