WGTS Gateway Fellowship is a place that is about inspiring hope. This gathering is open to people of all faiths. Our goal is to show the importance of Loving God and Serving People. This is a place where people can sing their favorite songs from the radio and hear a short inspirational message. We meet each Saturday evening at 5:00.

WGTS Gateway Fellowship is a ministry of WGTS 91.9, one of the most listened-to Christian music stations in the country. The idea began as a way of reaching out to the many listeners who didn’t have a home to worship and to provide encouragement.

In 2010, Terry Johnsson, a former Presidential Honor Guard for 3 U.S. Presidents, was asked to be WGTS 91.9′s Staff Chaplain, to help faciliate and organize events to reach out to our community. And later, Pete Garza joined the staff as the Assistant Chaplain.

About Dr. Terry Johnsson
Chaplain Terry has a unique story that has inspired thousands over the years. The fact that he was a Presidential Honor Guard (not once, but three times!) is nothing short of a miracle, considering he was diagnosed with an extreme case of dyslexia. Once considered a failure by his teachers (and almost put in a school for mentally disabled children) Terry overcame the obstacles through pure determination and God’s incredible grace. His full story can be found in his books “For His Honor” & ”Aim High.”

He went on the earn a doctoral degree at Wesley Theological Seminary of Washington DC.



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email: chaplainsoffice@wgts919.com
Phone: 301-891-4200
Facebook: facebook.com/gatewayhope
Twitter: twitter.com/gatewayhope

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